Various Cosmetic Treatments to Slow Down Ageing of the Face

Our skin naturally starts to lose its elasticity which will cause wrinkles, and repeated facial expressions, sun exposure, smoking, poor diet and dehydration will all speed up the natural ageing process and cause early wrinkling.

Our skin ages in different ways:

Wrinkles – Skin loses some of its elasticity causing wrinkles and fine lines, the skin becomes thinner and drier and new wrinkles are often found around the neck, eyes, forehead, mouth and lips. Frequent fine motor movements of the face, get repeated over the years, are usually the cause of these lines.

Eye Lines – Wrinkles appear at the outer corners of the eyes, caused by squinting in sunshine, reading in dim light, or looking at the computer screen.

Frown lines – frequent frowning when concentrating or worrying, can cause deep forehead furrows.

Mouth lines – fine lines around the edges of the mouth and lips are usually caused by smoking, pursing the lips or puckering up the lips when drinking through a straw.

Loss of volume

As we get into our 30’s, one of the most dramatic changes to the skin is the loss of collagen. Collagen production starts to diminish over time, leaving fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of skin elasticity. Our skin will start to lose its plumpness because of the loss of fat and tissue under the skin. This lost volume can make the face look gaunt and hollow, especially around the eyes and the cheeks.

Loss in facial volume causes:

Permanent parentheses lines on the resting face
Sagging skin after sudden weight loss
The cheeks flatten over time
Hollows to appear under the eyes

As we age, our skin loses the collagen and elastin which keeps it looking soft, plump and youthful. Ageing and gravity cause the facial muscles to weaken, which causes the skin to sag a little further down every day.

Sagging skin causes:

Fine lines and wrinkles forming in the skin.
Pores in the skin often seem bigger.
Furrows and crevices start to develop around the eyes, neck and mouth.
Lack of definition at the jaw line

The natural rate of ageing causes some of our wrinkles, sagging and volume loss, but there are some characteristics of ageing which are completely out of our control; like genetics, anatomy and gravity. However, there are cosmetic procedures available which can help to slow down the ageing process.

Botox – When we relax our facial muscles, lines and wrinkles don’t show up. These signs of facial ageing can easily be reduced or eliminated by botox treatment, resulting in a natural and more youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers – The precise placing of fillers gives a natural filled out appearance to the hollows in sunken cheeks and under eye troughs and softens deep grooves, giving you dramatic results.

Accent skin tightening – We can use this as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion to enhance results. These are great ways to tone, tighten and smooth our skin. It gives the skin a rejuvenated firmness with the toned look of youth.

If you need help choosing a cosmetic procedure, we provide an extensive range of cosmetic procedures for the face and body: Botox, Vaser Lipo, Lip Augmentation, Dermal Fillers and many more treatments, to help create a younger, slimmer, more youthful looking you!

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5 Easy Homemade Solutions for Effective Anti-Ageing

You inevitably feel fascinated with young-looking skin. Wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, dark spots and laugh lines can all spoil the looks quite a bit. Any woman dreads the sight of these things in the mirror. And while it is true that nobody can run away from ageing, it can, in fact, be delayed with the right anti-ageing solutions.

You’d be surprised to learn that many of these symptoms can be averted with little to no effort at home. There are several home remedies and procedures that you can employ to fight the signs of ageing. It is up to you to determine what works best and go for it. Take note of these recommendations:

Honey – honey, in its purest bee form, is a fantastic way to get rid of ageing. This is one of nature’s best moisturisers, which can easily keep wrinkles at bay. On top of that, honey contains useful antioxidants, which serve to repair damage by free radicals. You only need 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey on your face and neck area. Rub it in gently for a minute and leave it to sit for 15-20 minutes. You can repeat every other day, as the procedure doesn’t take a lot of time and effort.

Carrot and potato – one important component of carrots is vitamin A, which significantly aids collagen production. You know that collagen makes the skin tighter and prevents wrinkles, thus giving your face the youthful glow you need. Potato too makes for a great anti-ageing ingredient, which removes wrinkles. What you need to do is boil one carrot and one potato, then chop and mash them into a paste. Add a pinch of baking soda and turmeric to it. Mix with water to get a smooth consistency and apply to face. Repeat this treatment two times a week for best results.

Yogurt treatment – yoghurt is full of minerals, vitamins, fats and enzymes that keep the skin hydrated and fresh. The lactic acid in yoghurt shrinks the pores and serves a tightening effect. What you need to do is mix yoghurt, lemon juice, turmeric and honey. Apply this to your face and leave it there for 10 minutes. After a few applications 2-3 times a week, you will notice a difference.

Coconut milk – this fruit not only has essential antioxidants but is also rich in anti-inflammatory agents that ward off against wrinkles. You need only three tablespoons coconut milk and a cotton ball to soak in and apply it with. Leave the solution for 20 minutes on your face and rinse with water. 2-3 times a week is enough to get your skin looking younger.

Papaya – papaya is largely used in anti-ageing therapies due to its antioxidant ingredients and the enzyme papain. The latter is quite effective at cleansing skin impurities and exfoliating. It also contributes to skin elasticity and aids regeneration of new cells.

These are just 5 of the most popular and easiest to apply home anti-ageing remedies. Don’t be afraid to try them out and you will see they work well.

The Growing Trend Of Botox Treatment For Men

It’s the 21st century, and men are not far behind from women when it comes to cosmetic care and treatments. However, the surge in the number of men who are willing to get cosmetic treatments to look good has gained popularity remarkably since the last decade.

There are many cosmetic procedures for both men and women, but one of the most preferred treatments is Botox, which has also become the hottest trend among men.

However, what’s the reason behind such a large number of men getting Botox injections? Most of it has a connection with the changing perception towards cosmetic treatments for men. Botox was previously chosen by women only, yet not any longer, men are getting more conscious about their looks, and are turning up for Botox surgeries in huge numbers all over the world.

Understanding Botox And Its Functions

Botox is frequently termed to as a muscle relaxer, since it relaxes the muscles utilised for expressions, for example, smiling and frowning. The medication is a filtered protein extracted from botulinum toxin, which is created by the clostridium botulinum microbes.

A little amount of Botox is infused into the muscles that are meant to be treated. The chemical at that point gets the opportunity to work by obstructing the signals sent by the nerves to the muscles. When the muscles don’t get any signals to contract, then they just stay loose, making lines vanish after some time, and it stops occurrence of new lines as well.

Botox infusions are generally painless, and most individuals have reported just a stinging feeling while getting infused. It takes around 5 to 8 days for the outcomes of Botox to appear, and the impacts usually for around 3 to 8 months.

Advantages Of Botox For Men

Men have deep frown lines and wrinkles on their foreheads. Botox can loosen these wrinkles and make them appear significantly less worn out. It will likewise expel with crow’s feet and major wrinkles. Botox has the power to soften from lines and wrinkles, making the face flawless and spotless, and upgrades the complete looks and appearance of an individual, making them look more handsome.

Why Botox Has Become So Popular Among Men?

As we see more and more men choosing botox is a clear sign of a more extensive social acknowledgment of men getting cosmetic surgeries and treatments. In reality, more men are now focusing on their appearance, and they’re no longer shy or embarrassed about requiring assistance to make them look younger once again.